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Olesya McDonald, Director

"Having spent considerable time and effort selecting and evaluating

 the best private schools for my own three children, let me put my

first-hand experience to work for your family"

Get the best possible education for your children

About Olesya


Director & Owner Olesya McDonald has been living in Edinburgh since 2010.


She was first educated in Moscow, later gaining a BA Honours Degree with Qualified Teaching status in Bratislava and a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication and Business Management in Edinburgh.


Having spent over 20 years living abroad, including in Central Asia, the Far East, Eastern Europe and the UK, combined with her diverse educational background and past English teaching experiences, Olesya has gained invaluable knowledge about various cultures and cultural diversity. Importantly, this made her aware of differences between educational systems worldwide, while building a wide network of contacts.


Since she moved to Edinburgh, friends from Moscow and St. Petersburg, Georgia, Singapore and Slovakia regularly asked Olesya for advice in finding the right English course or summer camp and help with placing their children into prestigious private schools and universities, particularly in Scotland.


On their behalf, she visited various schools, filling in application forms while establishing good contacts and relationships within the schools’ administration.

Olesya has regularly provided parents and their children with caring support and a personal approach, guiding them through the available choices in Scotland and assisting with any education-related issues before and throughout their stay in the UK.


After receiving positive feedback year after year, Olesya is now offering her services to other international families, and individuals.


Olesya has three children, all of whom are being educated in an excellent private school in Edinburgh.

How we're different


We're independent - most agents work for specific schools to fill places; we find the school to fit the individual.

We're focused  - we work only with elite boarding schools and Summer Schools in Scotland from our location in Edinburgh.

We're close at hand - our location in Edinburgh is a short drive from all of the schools we represent; we're here to support you and your child.

We understand the system - having helped our own children through the Scottish school system, we have first-hand experience.

We speak your language - with a working knowledge of several foreign languages, we can communicate between schools and parents.

We care - we provide guardianship and high quality overall care and support to all our clients throughout their educational journey.

We suit your needs - our programmes can all be tailored to suit your specific educational, sporting and cultural requirements.

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We collaborate with local education centres and British Council-accredited English language schools whose highly qualified teaching staff offer an individual approach to tuition.

"I’d like to thank Olesya for helping me find a perfect opportunity to get to know Edinburgh and having the English course in the nice friendly atmosphere. I found new friends and importantly improved in my English which helped me very much in my career."


Nina, Bratislava (Student)


Palmerston House Educational Services specialises in arranging educational and cultural tours and placements in Scotland.

We are committed to offering an individual approach, professional advice and cost-effective service prior to and throughout your or your child’s stay in the UK.



24 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh

+44 (0)131 629 4343

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