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Britian is the world's premier study destination

Our elite private schools are centres of excellence. Choosing the right school, and later university, will define your child’s future career path. 
British Education - Choice of The Global Elite

The British education system is well known for its long and successful history and unique traditions that make it the world’s premier study destination.

Why Scotland?

Renowned for academic excellence, there are only 100 independent schools in Scotland. Our best schools are located in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.


There are regular domestic and international flights to the main Scottish cities, making these schools easily accessible. Our top independent schools are among the best in Scotland and England, offering exclusivity, superb facilities and a stimulating international environment and excellent preparation for further education.


In addition, Scotland’s rich cultural heritage is embodied by the schools, as they emphasise traditional values, confidence and manners, encouraging self-reliance, independence and respect for others.


These schools either follow the Scottish or English curriculum or both with National 5 as the equivalent of GCSE and then, in the 6th form either Highers/Advanced Highers or A Levels. Some also follow the International Baccalaureate (IB).


The relatively small number of independent schools in Scotland means that places are at a premium. Each school offers fantastic opportunities in terms of educational excellence and the depth of learning, as well as bringing talented young people together and equipping them with leadership qualities for the modern world.


Scottish private schools offer a great diversity varying in size, age range, style and atmosphere, and each has unique selling points.

Choice, cost and applications

There are several factors that will influence your choice of school, including cost. Selecting the best independent school for your child can be a complicated process. The culture and atmosphere of a particular school is equally important as its academic results, as these will suit different children in different ways.

In addition, each independent school has its own admissions policy and entrance procedures.


By law, each child attending boarding school in the UK requires a local guardian.

In addition to guardianship services, our bespoke consultancy and advice will help you focus on the key issues and take you through the factors you need to consider when choosing the best school for your child.


It is never too early to apply. We advise parents to begin planning in advance - please consider the main stages of the school system (see below).


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Key Stages of British Education

  • Prep School (7+) - At this stage, children begin formal education, attending full-day school.


  • Senior School (11+) - From Senior 1, children take a full range of subjects, with Maths, English, Sciences, Language, History, Geography and Music being the core courses.


  • GCSE/National Exam Preparation (14) - At the age of 14, students begin to narrow down their subject choices as they work towards these qualifications.


  • Sixth Form (16) - Preparation for final exams (A Levels, IB, Highers & Advanced Highers) begins at the age of 16. These will prepare children for progression to university.

Results at Scotland’s elite boarding schools

Outstanding academic achievements in 2015



A-C Grades

(A Level)


Enrolled in Russell Group Universities


A and A*

(A Level)


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We are committed to offering an individual approach, professional advice and cost-effective service prior to and throughout your or your child’s stay in the UK.



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